The Incarcerated InkWell

Federal Inmate in a Canadian Prison with a Life Sentence writes about prison life


By Damien Arnaout

Tonight is volunteer appreciation night

People of your stature a privilege that?s right

Can?t thank you enough for keeping things in sight

Or keeping us focused on all our future lives

We?ve all grown together and it won?t stop

Taking the time to sit, listen and talk

For all that you do can?t give enough props

The way you care takes time off our clocks

Through your guidance were made to believe

With dedication there?s nothing we can?t achieve

Volunteers such as yourselves allow us some reprieve

It?s not said enough but you are what we need

In an insane setting you do keep us sane

Helping us work through our problems and pain

Your encouragement promotes pride not shame

Reminding us that sun always comes after rain

Personally I have to say I?ve truly been touched

For those that know me seeing you is a rush

Uplifting experiences and memories I will clutch

To help myself excel at all the future stuff

That people like you, tell us we can do,

The love you emit is received and it?s true

Tonight is for us to take time and show you

Your value is priceless and volunteers ? THANK YOU!!

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