The Incarcerated InkWell

Federal Inmate in a Canadian Prison with a Life Sentence writes about prison life

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A special part of life
Some single
Some lack a wife

Many daughters
Or only one son
First birthdays
I?ve seen none

Time we?ve missed
You don?t get back
Sorry my children
It was the wrong track

Year?s build up
Like falling snow
Each one passing
A harder blow

The children I have
Are my own
Still I feel
All alone

K. Gyurkovits
Creative Writing, November 2010

Forever & Ever

Joined by affection
Under skies above
Each one giving
Eternal love

Passion & lust
Are what we crave
Always loved
Emotionally saved

Each one giving
What the other may need
To the point of desire
Wish & plead

When giving up all
To remain together
Remember the words
Forever & ever…

Creative Writing, November 2010

Is There?

Is there…
a doctor in the house
tripped on a nail
his face went sort?a pale

Is there…
a doctor in the house
feeling kind?a sick
more than just?a nick

Is there…
a doctor in the house
bled the color red
to the point that he was dead

Is there…
a doctor in the house
oh… cried
his grieving spouse

Creative Writing, June 2010

Kelly Lee Gyurkovits
The tip of the pen to the internal mind is only a few short feet.
Yet the words that are forged may take you anywhere.
? Kelly Lee Gyurkovits


  1. Anonymous

    Your poet in residence writes about fatherhood. What does he know about fatherhood? How many children does he have that he doesn’t support? What kind of guidance and influence has he given these children? He says he loves his kids so much. There is more to raising children than just lip service.

    1. corey

      Its apparent he hasant had the opportunity to be in his kids lives,because of actions of the youth.Your a very ignoreant man ,theirs men in prison if given the opportunity could be the fathers people admire.Their love builds up and their patience for the opportunity is impecable.People learn their life lessons differently,others had to have a harder life.And until youve been down those roads,and dont speak of them.Because you havent walked them.I commend his love for his children,as we should commend anyones love for anyone,period.

  2. Anonymous

    Helps if you take responsibility for the raising.

    1. I.M. GreNada (Post author)

      Dear Mrs. Gurkowitz,
      If we realize any income from Kelly’s poems, we’ll make sure to forward it to your account.

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